Economic Development: Pension Reform
Pension reform has been a key component of the LABC’s local and statewide economic development advocacy efforts. We were early supporters of the California Pension Reform Bill and LABC President Mary Leslie joined Governor Jerry Brown and CA State leaders Speaker John A. Pérez, President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, and Assemblyman Cameron Smyth for the signing of the California Pension Reform Bill on September 12, 2012.

The historic legislation implements overdue reforms that will save taxpayers billions of dollars while ensuring that our public retirement system is sustainable for future generations.

Among its many achievements, the new law allows Los Angeles and other municipalities to begin the process of pension reform at the local level – a critical step our cities need to regain financial balance and adequately invest in public services.

Economic Development: CleanTech
The LABC Institute will continue advancing the Los Angeles Business Council’s pioneering work supporting the clean-tech industry in Los Angeles, which includes such fields as renewable energy, green transportation, and energy-efficient lighting. The LABC was a critical early supporter of CleanTech Los Angeles, a collaboration with political, business and research leaders spearheaded personally by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, to enhance the L.A. region’s positioning as a global center for the development and deployment of sustainable technologies. In fact, CleanTech Los Angeles’s website was formally launched at the LABC’s Sustainability Summit in 2008.

The LABC plays a critical ongoing role with CleanTech Los Angeles as a founding board member. The LABC Institute will continue to address this issue, and incorporate clean-tech issue items in future events.

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